Pre-Workout Shake

Hello, hello!

For those of you that have read my latest blog, you'll notice that I spoke about incorporating multiple shakes into my daily diet. For me, this is the easiest way to achieve my Macros and stick to a high protein diet. Not to mention, shakes are much, much tastier than other sources of protein, at least in my opinion. 

This shake is similar to the other that I posted, but this one I try to keep clean & simple before I have it before I work out. I don't like to be super full before I head to the gym, so this shake is perfect for me!

What you'll need:

1 C Organic Mixed Berries

2 Tbsp PB2 Powder

1 Scoop Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

1 C Water


Cacao Nibs to garnish

This shake is super simple, super delicious & if you are a chocolate lover like myself, the cacao nibs are the perfect treat to have before you hit the gym! Hope you all enjoy!