Quinoa Nori Wraps

Quinoa has become a big staple in my diet. Considering that I do not like to eat a lot of meat, it is crucial that I find other sources of protein & quinoa, as we have talked about before, is one of them. Lately, I have really gotten into a meal prepping routine so that every day I have my lunch & dinner ready to go for work. For the past week, I've been eating quinoa nori wraps. I found big sheets of nori in my local health food store & was so excited that they finally were carrying them! You can literally throw whatever you like into them & just roll 'em up! I'll admit, I've been kind of boring lately, with what I put into the wraps, but I like simple & healthy foods. 

For these wraps, you'll need:

2 Ea Sheets of Nori

1/2 C Cooked Quinoa

1 C Uncooked Spinach

1/2 Ea Avocado, Sliced

1/3 Ea English Cucumber, Julienned

Tamari as needed

I first lay down the sheets of nori & start by making a nice layer of spinach. Next I add the quinoa, followed by the cucumbers & avocado. Once all the ingredients are in, I take a pastry brush & lightly dress the nori with Tamari to help seal the wrap! *If you're not going to eat these right away though, I suggest just using the Tamari to dip the wraps in, otherwise they become a bit soggy. These wraps are so simple & so delicious! I recommend trying all different sorts of veggies & grains in them. Some of my other favorite ingredients are kimchi, brown rice, carrots and sesame oil. Hope you enjoy trying these out for yourselves!