Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Kale "Curry"

Hello, everyone! Lately, I have been recipe testing almost every day! Since becoming vegan three months ago, I have really been trying to up my game in the kitchen & experiment with as many different food & food combinations as possible. Yesterday morning, I needed to meal prep some meals for myself for the week & came up with this recipe. I was inspired by a family meal that a co-worker of mine had made years ago & decided to put a little spin on it/make it vegan! Here is what you will need:

Yield: 5 portions

1 ea 19 oz can chickpeas, drained & rinsed

4 sweet potatoes, peeled & medium diced

10-12 leaves of kale, destemmed & chiffonade 

(You can use whatever type of kale you would like. Lacinato kale would be my suggestion, but i had curly-leaf kale on hand & that worked just fine!)

I Tbsp Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil or Peanut Oil

1 Tomato, sliced or diced

1 spring onion or small vidalia onion, sliced or diced

3 chipotle peppers

1/2 C peanuts

1 Tbsp Honey

1 Tsp garlic powder

1  Tsp Curry powder

1 Tsp Cumin

1 1/2 C vegetable stock, hot

1 1/2 in knob of ginger, grated

3/4 can coconut milk

Cooked brown rice (I cooked 2 C of dry rice in 4 1/2 C of salted water to yield enough for five portions)

Fresh cilantro, lime wedges & chopped peanuts for garnish


To begin, cook off your brown rice! Brown rice has become a staple in my diet lately. I love the nutty flavor & the chewier mouth feel that it has. It also contains 5 grams of protein per cup of cooked rice. Since cutting animal product out of my diet, it has become imperative that I find other sources of protein & make sure that I am getting enough protein every day! The brown rice combined with the 24.5 grams of protein in a can of chickpeas gets the job done!

While your brown rice is cooking, it's time to start the sauce. Take your tomato & onion & get a good char on them. You can do this a number of ways; using a grill, grill pan, roasted in the oven or just in a cast-iron saute pan. This is creating depth in flavor! Make sure to season the tomato & onion! Seasoning is meant to be done as you go throughout a recipe. The purpose of salt is the bring out the natural flavors of an ingredient hence you should be seasoning every step of the way. If you wait until the end of a recipe to season the food, it will just taste salty. Once colored, add them into a high-speed blender with the hot vegetable stock, peanuts, chipotle & half of the grated ginger. 

Next, in a large straight-sided saute pan, add one Tbsp of your preferred cooking oil. Once hot, add the diced sweet potatoes. Cook on medium heat for about two minutes, then add the chickpeas & kale. Remember to season! Next add the garlic powder, curry powder & cumin. Allow these spices to toast for a minute or two before adding your sauce. Lastly, add the blended sauce, coconut milk, honey & remaining ginger. Let the flavors meldge (made that word up) & let simmer for about 10 minutes or until the sweet potatoes are cooked through. 

Serve over brown rice & garnish with fresh cilantro, lime & chopped peanuts! 

I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I did! See, being vegan can be fun & delicious!! ;-)