Snacks & Desserts


When eating on the go, people typically grab whatever is most convenient. Whether that be a piece of fruit or a candy bar is entirely up to you. Also, whether or not you plan ahead is entirely up to you. "Failure to plan is planning to fail." The first time I heard that quote is really when meal prepping became part of my everyday routine. For those of you that know me or have hung out with me recently, you know that I am always planning ahead for myself in one way or another. No joke, I'm constantly stopping at the store for bananas, or peeling them to put in the freezer. I brew coffee every night to put in the fridge for the next morning. I try to do a little bit every day throughout the day to make my next day just a little less stressful. 

When I switched over to morning shifts, I knew that my meal preps were going to become a lot more challenging as vegan breakfasts tend to be limited (or so I thought). Fortunately, I have some pretty inspirational people in my life that keep me motivated. The first time I made Crackballs, I initially was inspired by my friend Lacey's "Raw Bites"( The idea of having these beauts to nom on throughout the day seemed so perfect with my work schedule (as well as the Rawtil4 lifestyle I was trying to abide by) so I knew I had to give them a try!

The best thing about these crack balls, bliss balls, raw bites, energy balls, whatever you want to call them is that you can put pretty much anything in them! The first time I decided to make them, I honestly just worked with what I had in my kitchen & they came out so delicious, I ended up just sticking with that recipe! So here you go, my friends:

Yield: Approx 40 balls

20 ea pitted dates

1 1/2 Tbsp Maca Powder

2 Tbsp Flax Seeds

2 Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Tsp Cacao Powder

1/4 Tsp Cinnamon

2 Tbsp Shredded Coconut, you will need extra for coating 

1/2 C Sliced Almonds

1/4 C Carob Chips

1/4 C Vegan Chocolate Chips

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender or food processor & blend until all ingredients combine into one big mass. Remove from blender & form into little balls. I like to roll mine in more shredded coconut once formed! I also like to keep mine in the refrigerator so they keep their shape! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do & feel free to adjust the recipe to your liking!!