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The style of yoga that I teach is Vinyasa, which directly translates β€œto place in a particular way.” In linking breath & movement, my classes are designed to bring your awareness to the present moment while strengthening the mind/body connection. We will practice different pranayama techniques to help you breathe into each asana & cultivate your spiritual connection with the practice.

Yoga helps me build strength, both mentally and physically and it reinforces the importance of balance in life. In my early twenties, my yoga practice took on a whole new perspective. In linking movement and breath, I began to gain hold of my anxiety. My practice was forcing me to stay present, a place I was so unfamiliar with. Yoga started to provide me with a sense of inner peace & joy that I hadn’t felt anywhere else. Yoga is a way of life and one that I have come to respect so much. Much like my love for cooking, I find that yoga helps keep me connected to the Earth. In my opinion, staying grounded & close to [Mother] Nature will enhance your life on so many levels.

My current schedule is as follows:
Mondays at 9:30 am @ Bridgehampton Hot Yoga
Tuesdays at 8am @ Bridgehampton Hot Yoga, 10:40am at Hamptons Gym Corp in Sag Harbor & 5:30pm Y12SR @ the Session House located behind The First Presbyterian Church at 120 Main Street, East Hampton
Wednesdays at 9:30am @ Bridgehampton Hot Yoga,
Thursday 9:45am @ Mandala Yoga Center for Healing Arts in Amagansett

For inquiries about Private Yoga Sessions, please email me @ alexandraleigh.burst@gmail.com !